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August 17, 2013
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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
  The alien was walking through the forest. It was stranded on this horrid planet, surviving on eating small animals. It was a gruesome yet humanoid thing, having gray and spiky skin. It's teeth were large, sticking out of the bottom of it's teeth. It was prowling, looking for the usual prey when it saw something new.
  It was taller than the usual prey, though not as tall as it. It had blond hair, and olive skin. It looked to be female back where it lived and was holding up some small device in the air. It had never seen anything like it before. What was it and would it be delicious?
  Did it really matter, it was stranded here and if it was nutrition, it would strengthen him, if not, a end to this misery of barely surviving. It only had enough thought for survival, nothing more. It ran at full speed at the human, claws extended. The woman turned around only quick enough to see the creature, but she was already grabbed by the horror. It took a few seconds for her to register what had just happened and then she screamed in horror of the alien.
  It than took this moment to expand its jaw, showing all of its razor sharp teeth. Then it swallowed the girls head. All that could be heard was muffled screams were heard from the female. The alien couldn't taste anything dangerous in this thing, so it must be good for food. The alien swallowed the human more, up to her shoulders, than to her stomach.
  The fabric on the human tasted horrible, but the alien wouldn't waste time with removing it, all that mattered was that it was nutrition as well. The alien swallowed past the hips, leaving behind flailing legs. They weren't covered in the same fabric as earlier and they weren't as covered. There was some material on the feet, they looked to be the worse of all the material. It swallowed the legs quickly, ending their flailing and swallowed the feet.
  It tasted horrible, like a mixture of the fabric taste and dirt, though it ended quickly. The alien looked at it's gut. It was very much bigger than earlier and there was some movement. Apparently the thing was still alive and kicking, shame. The alien skulked back to it's hideout, away from any preys sight. It found it's little patch where it slumbered. The alien layed down on the patch and soon dozed off, content with it's hunt.

  A few hours had passed before the alien woke up again. It looked at it's stomach now. It was smaller than earlier and the movements had stopped. These things had nasty tasting material but they were overall good for nutrition and since they were bigger, only one was needed for a hunt. The alien would continue to eat these things. Maybe living here wouldn't be so bad and if his race found him again, maybe this could be another planet for them.
Yes I'm a vore person and I did write a vore story which is very different than what I usually do here. I don't plan on being a vore artist, though I might put a vore story out there every now and then. I'm not a cannibal nor do I like cannibals.

Everything is original...well as far as original goes.
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